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Top 4 reasons to give us a holler:

(1) I want to get paid to play board games with strangers. Are you hiring?

(2) I want to rent the entire café for a party, charity event, or business outing. (The fee for renting out our entire space for a non-charity purpose is $275/hour on Monday evenings and weekdays before 4pm). 

(3) I would like to reserve the private room.  (Please note that our private room tends to book up approximately 3 weeks prior to a weekend date. There is no additional cost to reserve the private room.  There is simply a $5.00 library fee per person.  The library fee is reduced by $1.00 for every food or drink item purchased. The library fee is used to purchase new games, honor requests for games, refurbish damaged games, and replace missing pieces).

(4) I have a suggestion, complaint, or general comment and need to be heard!

Please leave detailed messages and the best time to contact you (if you prefer phone).

We will get back to you in two-shakes of a cats tail. 

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